Hello everyone! I’m in my second full week at my job, and it’s going…pretty okay I suppose. Been pretty stressful trying to get used to new employers who are absolutely NOTHING like my old ones. Haha. I’m used to being yelled at even when I do something right, so working for NICE people is very odd!

Anyway, I do plan on getting some work on LIB done this weekend, I may have to work on Saturday so that means that I may not be able to get as much work done as I’d like but some is still better than none, right?!

So, I figured while I’m still out of “commission” so to speak I would give you guys a good recommendation for reading. I thought about who I’d suggest first and it came to me pretty quickly. Mostly because she doesn’t seem to get nearly the amount of recognition she deserves! Her blog and her writing in general are just wonderful (as is she!).

The blog?

Piper’s Dream written by Cat Crunchies. Seriously, go read it. The first generation alone where most writers (myself included) struggle…she excels. You will fall in love with Fennel and Dill. It even features a very recognizable figure in the DITFT world: Perrin/Ishmael Moss and guess what? You’ll love both of them too! I am just in complete awe of this girl, I really am. Plus, I’m so happy I get to call her a very good friend of mine. ❤

Here’s the link to the chapters. You’ll thank me later, trust me.  http://thepiperlegacy.wordpress.com/chapters/

Why are you still here? GO.