first and foremost – please forgive the amount of mistakes in this post. i’ll explain in a sec.

also if you’re a facebook friend this is more of the same stuff you’ve already seena zillion times.
i noticed i’m getting a sudden rash of people concerned about me, and wanting me to update. i’m not mad or u[pset about that of course but i feel it warrants an explanation. ive been having problems with my hands for a while now. if you follow me on facebook, you may have seen me talking about my hands and work. well, ive been having trouble with numbness, weakness, tingling, snaps and cracks, etc. went to the doctor and i was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel. my doc thinks that i will probably need surgery to fix it, but of course wants to try all the other stuff first. Ive been given wrist braces which is why i am having a terirble time typing right now. i have to have an emg test on the 28th to see just how bad my condition is. i’ve also been ordered to have occupational therapy. i’ll need to do cortisone shots after  my emg and i’m already on steroids and nsaids. it’s gotten so bad i can’t even hold a book up without pain. at work i dropped 20 eggs on the floor because my hand went limp.

so at this point the story is in my head. in theory i could just say the story and not have the written chapters and maybe not as many pictures. i can and am willing to do that if thats what you want. but i wouldn’t expect any typing of qualiry to happen for a little while longer.

i’m sorry about this guys. its killing me. i can’t write, crochet, read, cook or even bake for fun. i feel like such a failure to all of you. i hope you guys can forgive me.


for your viewing pleasure, a picture of the very sad toast in her very sad wrist braces :C