Everything about Generation Five

The Heiress, Scarlett Mason

I first came up with the concept of Scarlett’s character in the beginning of Generation four. I had Gen 4 so planned out that I was finally able to think about the future than my usual: Wake up at 11 am  because I was up until 4:30 writing blog post. Realize blog post isn’t halfway finished. Panic and run to my computer and type it up. Post at 1:30. Go to work. Start cycle of madness over again.

So I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the music generation. I’ve never liked the Symphonic branch of the career for some reason. I’m not sure why. I guess it comes down to the whole do I want to be a maestro or a ROCK STAR? (Capital letters are necessary to show awesome). Rock star always wins. It’s like asking if I’d rather eat a cupcake or a stick of celery. I hate celery. I love cupcakes.

In my original “draft” River was going to have twins, two girls. One would be Scarlett the rebellious rock star and the other I originally named Melanie (to play off the Gone with the Wind thing, but then realized that I had mentioned GWTW in almost every chapter in the Generation and knew I had to draw the line somewhere) then decided to name her Kahlan after the character in Terry Goodkind’s books. Naturally as we know now, Scarlett has no twin sister but a twin brother. That’s because the game decided to give me, the one time I didn’t want it to happen, fraternal twins. In fact, River went through THREE pregnancies because I didn’t save like an idiot and each time it was mixed sex twins. I came up with the named Jesse by pure happenstance because the movie version of Tuck Everlasting was on the night before. So I remembered how much I had loved Jesse when I was…I want to say…10 (had a major crush on him, I dare say) and there you go.

Wow that was a big ramble. I digress, I had always wanted a Rocker named Scarlett, ultimately. While writing Gen 4 I realized that since Gen 2 I had been writing love stories without a lot of plot after. Or in the case of Gen 3, a thrown-together after plot. I decided I didn’t really want a love story AGAIN. Plus, I’m the kind of person who just gets sick of repetition easily. Which is why I get bored with regular legacies. So I thought about what I’d like to do instead. In my personal writing (for some reason that’s what I’m electing to call my non-Sims writing) I usually don’t write love stories. If my stories have love in them, its a side point. I’m much more of the raw emotional sort of writer. My favorite things are all psychological and tend to be dark. So I decided to go back a little closer to my roots and write about the effects of the rock star lifestyle on someone’s life. Instead of doing the actual effects of drinking and partying on someone’s health I wanted more to capture the distance it creates within the family of said rock star.

I left this idea alone for a while. Then I started looking ahead in the challenge and I saw that Generation 7 was the “evil” generation or the criminal generation. I thought about it extensively. The Masons have always been good people at their core. Never a bad apple. So for someone to randomly come along and just be evil seems a stretch. I thought at first that with the motherhood Generation 6 that the adopted child could be evil. But I didn’t like that message. Adoption is something close to my heart and I’d hate to give it a bad name in any way. So I thought, how would Generation 6 turn Generation 7 evil? I was forced to call upon my background in psychology (that’s what I majored in before I dropped out to go to Le Cordon Bleu). I realized that I had the opportunity to make some serious changes with the Masons. They’d be gradual, but they’d be realistic. That is without a doubt, the one thing I strive for. I want people to relate to what they read. I want them to say, “I know that girl. She’s my___” or sometimes even better, “That guy…he’s me.” I want to write a story that can exist in both the Sim world and the real world.

So I decided that Scarlett Mason would be the turning point for the family. They had been be-bopping along with good people and happy fun times. No more. Its not realistic. So I decided Scarlett’s life would be different. She’d be full of mistakes, and she wouldn’t really have the opportunity to grow from them completely.

Scarlett’s Death

I knew her death had to happen early. I wanted to go completely Joss Whedon on you guys. That is, I didn’t want you to get too comfortable. Anything can happen at any time. I remember in the beginning that several of your were saying how you couldn’t wait to see her grow until chapter fifteen. I felt a little bad because I already knew that she wasn’t going to make it chapter ten. I had her death scene planned since Gen 4. I wanted it to be BIG and dramatic and as horrible as this sounds…I wanted it to be as horrifying for Charlie as possible. I remembered in Generation 3 how Bradley came VERY close to ending my whole blog when he almost died from a firework malfunction. I also recalled a scene from a TV show (I think it was Dollhouse) when someone gets burned to death from a Pyrotechnic malfunction. So I put that all together and decided it was a lot more dramatic than drowning or saying she OD’d or something. I figured I would also Joss Whedon you guys by having her get closer with her daughter, tug on your heartstrings and then BAM. (Seriously, that man is so evil and yet I can’t stop watching everything he creates like a mindless zombie. I mean, you guys remember BTVS, right? Every time someone got a little happiness, they either died or cheated or turned into a monster. Or Dollhouse, the best, most nice and friendly character ever turns out to be the GIANT villain behind the WHOLE THING. He killed Wash! Sorry, ramble!)

Setting the scene was going to be difficult. But I had ten chapters to work out the details. Like the idea for Scarlett to shave her head came to me at the last minute. I liked the look on her so much I decided to incorporate it at the last minute. I had Charlie and Scarlett move into the Lessen house for the obvious reason: I’m too lazy to make my own stage. I also recently invested in a lovely mod called ‘Chaos Mod Painting’. Its a very handy thing to have for setting up scenes I’ve learned. (You can tell it to animate Sims with certain facial expressions, idles and you can set ANYTHING on fire when you wish. You can so set your entire lot on fire. Which I did by accident and is very alarming. I mean your ENTIRE lot.)

I set up the wall of fireworks behind Scarlett and decided they were “pyrotechnics”. The picture with the stage hand lighting the firework happened and it did set a lot of things on fire. But I forgot to delete the stairs so all of the concert goers rushed the stage and flipped out and ruined the potential shot. So I had to reset. Then, while I was telling the painting to set stuff on fire the character I was controlling – I think Charlie – seemed to have second thoughts about doing so and paused. She was like, “No. I’m not setting my mother on fire.” and once again ruined the shot.

Finally I set fire to the two end fireworks, two in the middle and Scarlett. I finally got the shots I wanted. In all honesty I was a little worried that someone might call this ‘cheating’. Though I suppose since I didn’t actually do anything to benefit my “score” with the challenge it just counts as me interfering with myself. Haha.

The worst part was the fact that I tried to hold the funeral at Charlie’s house. Hosted by Charlie…and NO ONE CAME. I invited ONLY family members and no one came. I tried it four times. Then I moved Parker into the house thinking that Charlie must be an anti-social loser with halitosis or something but everyone loves Parker. So I tried it again and you guessed it…no one came. Apparantly people can’t come to the Lessen house in my game. Because Charlie wouldn’t go home when she was outside one day. I had to teleport her home. So that is why the funeral is back at the Mason house.

Charlie’s Father

I believed this is the only shot I used to show the man who is supposedly Charlie’s father. Well, he’s actually not. He didn’t get Scarlett pregnant when they woohooed and then he got married a day later so I felt bad and didn’t want him to have an illegitimate child. So, I panicked and searched high and low for another sim to father Charlie. I couldn’t find anyone suitable so I went into CAS and tried to create one. So I’ll tell you a secret. Several sims I use are opposite Gender versions of Sims already in the story or Sims you’ve probably seen before. Charlie’s father is the male version of my avatar. (Yes Avatar, not simself. I wish, but no.) Which I guess is a little weird now that I think about it. Anyway, I put him in the neighborhood under the name of Aaron Aaronson which I giggled about incessantly because I watch way too many movies. I used Super computer to remove him as a parent though. I didn’t want him involved in Charlie’s life at all for reasons that will become apparent in her story.

The message

This message was more about standing up for yourself than anything else. Its about being true to who you are on the inside – something I struggle with myself. This Generation was surprisingly emotional for me. I expected to identify more with the writing Gen because of my love of it…but it turned out to be this one that really got to me.

Scarlett wound up being just like me. We both had many of the same experiences. We both had many of the same problems and issues. When I was sixteen, I was just as rebellious as Scarlett, though I had different reasons. I too had a Mikey experience and it did me wonders to just write about it. My Mikey was a drug addict and a liar. Part of me hopes that by portraying these characters maybe some of my younger readers can learn from these mistakes and make sure that they don’t like people like Mikey in their lives. I’ll write more about Mikey Later.

Scarlett also did something which I am infinitely proud of. She stood on her own feet. She was the first one of my characters in this blog who didn’t have the support of a lover as they went through life. Scarlett was independent and feisty and didn’t want the help of her own family. Though she came to learn after the kidnapping of Charlie that she needed them more than she thought.

I liked Scarlett because of her Childish trait. I hope it came across in her character. She knew she made mistakes and she grew from them a little bit…but not as much as the other characters.

Mikey Page, The Villain

If anyone noticed, they didn’t comment. Does anyone see a resemblence between Mikey and this familiar face?

🙂 I did this for symbolic reasons. Because Natalie let the influence of others get in the way of her life and Scarlett almost did too. History has a way of repeating itself 😉

Mikey Page is a reference to Jimmy Page. Though I’m in no way saying that he’s a statutory rapist who kidnaps children. I just borrowed his name as a music reference. I tend to do that. ‘The Devil in Disguise’ remains one of my favorite posts because Mikey is so deliciously evil. He’s like a slither-y snake, and I love that little smirk he has in the top picture. His eyes just say so much. It was entirely by accident too. He made that face as soon as he saw Scarlett.

The kidnapping idea came to me right before I was set to post. In fact, the entire Mikey thing was a last minute decision. I knew I wanted Scarlett to have lost her virginity in such a traumatizing way because it happens to so many girls. But the whole thing about him still being after her and a complete psychopath came later. Then I wound up basing him off my ex and it just kind of took on a life of its own. I like the way it ended too. I didn’t at first, but now I do. Because I think its more realistic than the whole like, he kidnaps her and she’s gone for years thing that I had planned.

The best part though is that its now lent itself to Charlie’s character since she has frequent nightmares about a monster who steals her away in the night. 🙂


I love Charlie. I’m actually really excited about her Gen, which is funny because its the one I’ve been dreading. I know. I just was like, uh…I don’t want to write ‘leave it to beaver’. I was always like, “okay…I’ll suffer through this one until I get to the EVIL gen. I want to write about an EVIL SUPER VILLAIN OF SPOOKY DOOM” I’m weird though.

Anyway. So Charlie. She’s the lovable little neurotic. I put her through so much crap, I actually feel guilty knowing full well she’s only pixels. (But they seem so real to me! They’re my little people!). She’s the most adorable thing ever though. I still don’t know where the blonde hair came from. Then again, David Mason had it randomly. (Generation 1) I love genetics.

To me, Charlie looks just enough like her Mom and just enough not like her Mom that she’s not a clone but she’s definintely a Mason. She’s got the Xia lips which have lasted quite a long time. She’s got her father’s grey eyes and his nose. I added the glasses as a teen because I thought she looked so precious with them. But anyway. So Charlie’s character has been planned out since Gen 4 as well, because she’s sort of the transitional period between the better days and the darker days.

Charlie’s been through a lot. She was concieved (in the story) in side of a closet in the theatre by her mother with a total stranger. She was kidnapped as a toddler, almost drowned as a child and now watched her mother die as a teen. Her Gen is going to be bumpy, for sure.

I came up with the name Charlie because like I told Styxlady once. I have this weird thing about little girls with boy names. I think its about the cutest thing ever. I thought it fit with Scarlett’s personality to give her child a casual name like that. I though oh I’ll name her after a musician, but that seemed too much. So I decided as laid back as Scarlett is, she’s going to give her daughter a ‘cool’ name. So I thought a boy’s name. I had a hard time decided but settled on three; Charlie, Billie and Johnnie. In the end, Charlie won. I could argue and say that she was named after Charlie Daniels or something, but she wasn’t. Not intentionally.

You can see the evidence of Charlie’s maternal instinct early on. I have used several photos of her playing with the dollhouse with her Mom. Then when her mom’s passed out she takes care of her.

The Building

For this Generation, the obvious choice was the community theatre. Now named The Scarlett Mason Memorial Theatre. – I’m so creative.


So I hope this actually made sense. Like I said before, I’m super sick right now. I’ve had a high fever since Tuesday and the ER doctor gave me Loratab (hydrocone) and Phenergan (also makes you crazy) and I’m on anti-histamine. So I’m kinda hopped up right now. I know I rambled about Joss Whedon. Sorry about that. I’ll edit when I feel better, unless its funny. Then I’m so leaving it, because I’m never funny. Seriously, I don’t know how some of you do it. I’m usually the only person who laughs at my jokes so, yeah.


2 thoughts on “Everything about Generation Five”

  1. I don’t think I’ve mentioned–I lovelovelove that you put these here. Seeing how other people set things up, and some of the thought processes behind what is done is outstanding. So thanks! 🙂

  2. I have just started reading and I must say, this is one of my favorite parts of your stories…seeing “behind the scenes”…thank you and keep up the great work…I’m excited to see how this family legacy will turn out 🙂

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