Everything about Generation One

The Founder, James Mason Sr.

Generation one, the one that started it all. When planning out generation one I knew that I needed a solid character. I knew that this generation would probably have the least amount of character development of the other generations simply because I was really unsure of how to write a sims 3 blog.

The first thing I came up with was the last name. I knew that I was doing this to write a blog so I needed a last name that would stand the test of time. I wanted it to be a real last name, something that someone could relate to while still uncommon enough that it wouldn’t be boring.

At first I was going to name the family Taylor. I knew my founder to be male and have an old fashioned first name, something that one would equate with old-timey type values. I decided James immediately, because its always been one of my favorites.

So James was originally going to be James Taylor.

doesn’t quite work does it? Haha.

So, I thought about how many last names came to be. How many people took their surnames from their professions. Then, Mason popped into my head. So came James Mason.

James’ traits were Green Thumb, Family Oriented, Handy, Loves the Outdoors and Angler.

Green Thumb and Angler were obvious choices as they were needed for the objectives. Or rather, to make the objectives easier. What was sweet though was that James’ wife Keri was an angler too, so they spent a lot of time fishing together.

James was much more about creating a persona for me. I wanted a quintessential ‘Dad’ character. One that was obviously a father and a family man. So, I thought Family Oriented was a perfect choice.

I chose Handy because I figured any self-respecting farmer would know how to do a little work around the house. Loves the Outdoors was chosen because I knew it would provide some conflict with the heir to the second Generation.

The Spouse, Keri Mason née McClure

James’ wife was Keri McClure. Keri definitely goes down as one of my top five favorite sims ever. Like one of my reader said she’s the quiet brainy type. She was a townie, oddly enough.

It took me forever to find a girl for James to marry. I’m picky with my spouses. I make my Sims “date” them for a long time before I let them marry, especially a sim I haven’t created.

James “dated” Ruby Broke, Shirley Lin, Corine (one of Keri’s roommates, oddly enough), Constance Shelly and Lorraine Cantina…he didn’t like any of them. I was really worried I’d never be able to find him a wife.

As pure happenstance, I sent him to town one day to sell vegetables and there was Keri. Just standing right there by the entrance as though she had been waiting for him. I had them greet each other, then they wouldn’t leave each other alone. Their relationship progressed so swiftly that I knew it was meant to be.

Keri’s traits were: Angler, Loner, Genius, Over-Emotional and Friendly.

I think she had just enough of a difference from James and enough similarities that they got along great. They really, really loved each other. I got constant wishes from them to kiss, talk or woohoo with each other. They still remain some of my favorite Sims.

I liked Keri because she was so sweet. When she first married James she immediately set about cleaning up his little barn. She made him dinner while he worked in the garden. So thats how I played her.

The Message

So, as my reader, you may not be aware of this, but I always try to put a little message or something to bring awareness to an issue. Sometimes its the main focus of the generations, others as in the case of Gen 1 its a minor point.

After Keri’s last pregnancy, her seventh where she gave birth to Autumn, she started feeling really down. This was actually true in the game as well as in the story. When Autumn was first born, Keri wouldn’t go near her. It was up to the boys and James to take care of the little girl. Keri would often just sit on their couch and stare at the wall – no joke – so I tried to think about what could be wrong with my Sim.

I realized that if she was a real person, it was similar symptoms to postpartum depression or baby blues. So, I did a little research and tried to incorporate everything in there. Now I kept it short because it was getting close to the end of the generation. It was my first attempt at putting some kind of message into the blog, and I decided to make it a permanent and probably subtle fixture.

The Kids

Where to begin on the kids? Well, to say that James and Keri had a big family is like the understatement of the century. I planned on them having five to fulfill James’ lifetime wish.

Keri and James conceived immediately after they were married, like as in…that night. James was getting older and I didn’t want him to be an elder before his kids were teenagers.

For the name scheme of this generation, I wanted to be mindful of what sort of names people like James and Keri would give their children. I figured James would go for old-fashioned names and Keri would want pretty, solid names.

Their first child I named James Jr, because it seemed fitting to me. After James Jr we had Cory (which I figured Keri would choose). After Cory the twins were born.

They were natural twins to the best of my knowledge anyway. I didn’t have Keri watch or listen to children’s things, there was no fertility treatment so if there was an outside influence, it wasn’t one that I did. Again, we had boys. Patrick and Phillip. My game seems to think that Phillip is older. He’s not. I saw Patrick being born first. That’s why his name is alphabetically before Phillip (that’s a weird OCD thing I do – with the exception of the Gen 5 twins, which is explained on their page).

After the twins I said, okay…one more. This one will be my girl, I just know it. No, a boy I named David. I decided that David would be the heir after I saw how different he was from his brothers and parents. He had the lightest blonde hair whereas James is strawberry blonde and Keri has black hair. But I still needed my girl. So this was the last chance for them. Soon their house would be full. So when Keri concieved I had her eat three watermelons. I’ve been told that 3 watermelons equals a 99% chance of a girl. Well, guess what?

We had a boy! I named him Thomas and when he was inborn with Hates the Outdoors I knew we had our heir. I was sad about not having a girl, but I figured it was just meant to be that way.

So as the family grew up, each boy had a vastly different personality. I tried my  best to capture all of them, but since it was from James’ perspective, it was hard! He was ALWAYS working on the fields. I don’t think my pictures accurately portrayed just how many plants we had back there.

James Jr was a clone of his Dad. He was your classic oldest child, always trying to please his parents. Cory got lost in the shuffle because he was boring, because the twins personalities dominated his. The twins were very different from each other. Patrick, to me, was like your stereotypical neurotic genius like a Howard Hughes where was Phillip was like a dumb jock. He was athletic and snobby and definitely the handsome one of the two.

David was one of my favorites, though I didn’t get to feature him as much as I would like. He your stereotypical blonde. He was absent-minded and clumsy. He’d walk into a room and stand there wonder why he was there. Often times he’d break the shower then turn around and go ‘oh hey, the shower’s broken’. I loved him.

Thomas as the black sheep. He was the only one in the family who didn’t like to go fishing in the pond out back. When we got the computer, he was ALWAYS on it. The tension between him and James was very real. It wasn’t fabricated by me. Sometimes I helped push it along, but they needed very little help from me to become enemies.

When James Jr moved out I was presented with an opportunity to have one last try at having a daughter. Keri had wished for one since her second pregnancy and James wanted one since Keri’s fifth pregnancy. So, I decided to give it one last shot. When I heard the little chimes I had James give Keri twelve watermelons. She ate four a day until she gave birth. Then, finally we had our little Autumn.

Autumn is named after a student I had in a class I was teaching at the time. The name stuck with me.

The gap  between Autumn and James Jr was HUGE. After all, he was a YA when she was a baby. As a result, she never really knew her oldest brother.

The Objectives – Farming

It was very important to me that James support his family on farming alone. I’m still honestly impressed with myself that I did it without having the repo man come. I’m still not sure how. Well, my pictures never really showed just how many plants we had back in the fields. Keri helped a lot by bringing in that car, but I used all of that money to pay for their house and for more crops for James to plant. So by the time they started worrying about money, they were pretty low. Still, they stuck through it and made it out to Generation two.

The Building

Every Generation, I have my Sims buy a property or a business and rename it after a Sim in the challenge it represents. For this Generation, I bought the market and renamed it the James Mason Sr. Memorial Market.

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  1. I think I am going to borrow (steal) this idea for the Seabrookes–I really enjoy reading all the bits about the characters! 🙂

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