Everything about Generation Three

The Heir, Bradley Mason

I like to think that Generation 3 is where I really started to incorporate myself fully into the challenge. I understood the rules, I had a few established readers…I was free to take the challenge where I wanted it to go. That is the beauty of it, really, though every writer must complete the same objectives the direction that we all travel in is different.

Bradley was and still is one of my absolute favorite heirs. I think he’s also a ‘fan favorite’. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on him, and he’s even been featured in another blogger’s story! Styxlady of A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss used him as a spouse!

He was a fun character for me to write. He did a lot of growing, which as anyone can tell, is probably my favorite thing to happen. I hate it when at the end of a gen the heir hasn’t learned some sort of big life lesson. Bradley was truly a favorite of mine because he was so much like me. I saw in Brad similar lessons that I had had to learn. We had similar childhoods, and while I’m not a romantic philanderer, I can absolutely relate to the restless spirit.

Bradley was the sort of guy who could never really see when he had a good thing right in front of him…like Xia. She was his absolute true love, but he was too blind to see that. He, like me, has to learn every lesson the hard way.

I just love him. He was also my longest living Sim, ever. He lived to be 121!!! He’s also the only Sim that I ever cried over. I cried my eyes out when he died in my game.

Xia Wen, Bradley’s One True Love

Xia is another one of my favorite characters. I made her in CAS originally, and then tried to put her in to Shang Simla. She was a child then. The idea was that Bradley was going to meet her as a child and then befriend her as a teen, try to seduce her as YA – which she was going to reject – and then finally marry her. Then I discovered that people in Shang Simla don’t age…plus, when they’re CAS made, they don’t have the awesome ‘Chinese Culture’ trait. So, I had already laid the groundwork for the story and really had my heart set on it…so naturally, I was super disappointed.

I had only just recently put Twallan’s Master Controller in my game (called Super Computer then, I believe). I discovered something really awesome…you could edit sims in CAS from the game window. :O!

So, I took a Sim that was closest to what my Xia looked like – Sun Young Kim, and put her in CAS. I did a complete overhaul of her. It took me the better part of two hours, but I worked and I worked until finally I got Xia just right. So, this was before I realized you could give a CAS sim the Chinese Culture trait. I kinda did it the hard way…but, there ya go. 🙂

I always knew I wanted Bradley to marry a Chinese girl. I grew up in Japan, and Asia has always been close to my heart. So I wanted to mix some Asian genetics in with my Masons. The result has been pretty cool. Up until the birth of gen 8, every girl has had Xia’s lips. Which I think is pretty cool!

Xia was feisty and fiery, which is another element of me. So, this generation was very introspective. Sun Young Kim was the one who was engaged to Shing, and she was the local bookseller which was how those two details came into being.

The Children

Bradley and Xia had two beautiful daughters, named River and Parker. I was originally thinking of naming them Parker and Willow. Then, I had been using so much Firefly stuff to get my Chinese phrases that I knew the first daughter needed to be named River. I was then thinking that I could use the Firefly naming theme a step further by having the second daughter named Inara or Kayleigh…but in the end, I decided my funky Parker should be named after another favorite TV character of mine (I won’t say who! 😛 )

I was torn between the two of them when it came time to choose my heir. With River, her quiet personality could lend itself well towards writing and I had long chosen that I would do a Middlemarch inspired plot based on her. With Parker, she reminded me of Lizzie Bennett, so I planned for a Pride and Prejudice style story with her.

The girls were as different from each other as night and day. In the end, Parker went into music. While River went on to be the 4th Generation heiress.

The Building

Since there isn’t like an airport or anything in the game. I made a community lot and had the Masons buy it. With enough funds they managed to turn it into the Bradley Mason Memorial Martial Arts Studio. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Everything about Generation Three”

  1. Loved this gen! I always wondered if Parker was named after TV, because she always reminded me of "Miss Parker" from The Pretender. 🙂 Loved that show! But it was on a long time ago and not very popular, so I'm curious as to where her name really came from!

    • Parker

      That’s who she’s named after. Parker from Leverage. I think I’m the only person who watches that show, so I didn’t expect anyone to know it. (at least…no one around here as in my family and friends watch it.)

  2. That’s good to know about foreign Sims not aging…I had wondered since I had my 3rd gen heir befriend little Henri Fouchier in hopes of a future love interest and he hasn’t aged…I guess I’ll have to abandon that plan.

    You’re not alone in your Leverage watching…my husband and I love it too!

    • Yeah, I was like :O!! When I tried to trigger her age transition. I had to scrap my whole idea. Teen Xia was a created Sim that I moved into the household and took to China. Then i think I deleted or killed or something, then I did the manipulation thing for the older.

      Haha, well good. No one around here likes that show, so I have to watch it in secret.

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