Everything about Generation Two

The Heir, Thomas Mason

I was still really feeling my way with this challenge when I transitioned in to Generation two. I still had the desire to play it legacy style with the family on one lot. So I decided that James and Keri would want to leave the farm to their wayward son Thomas in order to get him excited about farming.

Thomas wouldn’t have any of that, of course. I never really intended for him to be a jerk. It just happened. I did however, intend for him to be a stark contrast to his father. Where James was traditional, conservative and dare I say, ‘country’ Thomas was the opposite.

I knew though, that deep inside of Thomas’ immature exterior was a caring and sweet heart. After all, his mother was Keri. Thomas suffered from the classic, ‘I hate my Dad’ syndrome. I think Thomas is up in the top three of heirs that did the most growing up.

He had his trials and tribulations, which I think lent itself to his character.

The Girlfriend, Hannah Peterson

Hannah Peterson began life as one of my CAS experiments after I installed a body slider mod on my game. I usually will put some random made CAS sims to into my neighborhood to keep the genetics fresh because I’ve found that there aren’t enough new sims coming in and as the Mason family is so huge that cousins are marrying each other (seriously they’re like 1st cousins once removed and getting married, icky) so I try to even the odds out and add some CAS sims in there periodically.

Well, Miss Peterson was put into my game (totally forgot she was a slider test) and she and Thomas wound up working in business together. As all of the other ladies were either elders or married, I had Thomas and Hannah date. Then I decided that there should be this whole subplot thing about them not really being able to date and Hannah wanting things to be casual.

Thomas tried to keep things casual too, but I think he really loved Hannah while he was with her. They moved in together and Hannah found herself pregnant. She didn’t want to get married, and she didn’t want children. She was really hard to live with when she was pregnant. She and Thomas fought all the time, often without me having to interfere.

When Hannah got pregnant again, her relationship with Thomas was practically over. In fact, they broke up the night that she gave birth to Natalie.

After she moved out, she became a villain of sorts. I never intended for this to happen. In fact, I had wanted Thomas and Hannah to get married eventually. But playing her as a coldhearted, manipulative snake came so easy to me. So, she developed into that.

Originally, Hannah was going to have been seriously hurt in the past and that explained why she was so ‘lets have an affair’ and ‘hurt him before he hurts me’ and Thomas would heal her heart. In the beginning of the Gen, I think you can see that. But, I wound up hating her. So she evolved into the biggest villain this story has seen (so far!)

The Wife, Lois Mason nee Felix

Oh, Lois. I love this Sim. I really really do. Lois came into the family ENTIRELY by accident. She was just standing at the mailbox one day when I told Thomas to pay some bills. She stared at him for a long time, so I decided to have Thomas introduce himself.

She was a much younger Sim than him. I mean, MUCH younger. So at first I was hesitant to make their story a romance. But my mind was soon changed when I saw Lois interacting with Bradley.

Lois actually moved in to the house long before Keri and James died. But, I couldn’t find a place to put her in the story. The Au Pair idea was an early favorite of mine, but I also considered her being Thomas’ Personal Assistant.

When Keri and James died, I knew that the heartbroken Thomas would need help taking care of his kids and so Lois came into the family officially. She was great with the kids, immediately growing close to both of them.

I’ve never been a very good romance writer, and I decided I’d try to make this one of those long, ‘will they, or won’t they?’ types of stories. I kept the tension as high as I could, with Thomas’ dreams and their almost kisses. When the pair finally kissed in China, I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Thomas’ proposal to Lois on the mountain top is still one of my favorites.

I decided early on that I didn’t really want Thomas to have any more kids. So I made Lois infertile and decided that would be why she wanted to become an au pair.

The Message

Thomas’ message was a more simple one. It was about making inaccurate judgments of people. He misjudged his father, and hated him in the beginning but eventually grew to love him. He also misjudged Hannah, and took her to be a true person. He loved her immensely and when she left, it hurt him considerably. I guess it could be summed up with that famous hackneyed expression, ‘never judge a book by its cover’.

The Children

Thomas had three kids, Bradley, Natalie and Lucy. I never noticed until now that they all have names that end in that ‘eee’ sound.

Bradley was the first born, and I knew immediately that I wanted him to be my heir. I loved that little Sim from the beginning. I also forced him to go through the most ‘drama’ or crap, as I call it.

When Keri died suddenly, Bradley took it rather harshly. Which led me to writing one of my favorite scenes of Generation 2. The scene where Thomas comforts his son about death and dying. I think its touching. 🙂

Also I should say that, remember how I said Hannah was a body slider experiment? When I saw what the slider could do I made what I call a ‘Kim Kardashian’ Sim (giggling insanely as I did so). Well, Bradley inherited her body, which resulted in a rather…noticeable derriere. (He’s got junk in the trunk). This body type has also lived on into Bradley’s daughter Parker. If you look at any photos of her and you’ll see that she’s  got a giant butt. It’s almost comical. In fact, I wouldn’t even say almost, it is rather comical. River lacks said rump, though.

Natalie was usually forgotten, I’m sad to say. She aged up to toddlerhood alone. She and Bradley were always rather close. I’m happy to say. Until she went crazy their relationship reminds me of mine with my big brother.

As for Lucy, even though she didn’t make an appearance until Gen 3, I’ll go ahead and discuss her here. Though really, there’s not a lot to say. I had high hopes for Lucy, but she turned out to be Evil, Grumpy, Mean-Spirited and a Loner. Not a lot to work with. She ran around scaring everybody all the time.

I moved her, Thomas and Lois out when “they went to France” and Natalie moved in. I just moved Thomas and Lois back in after because there wasn’t room for Lucy. I planned on adding her back in at some point but then she glitched out. The game thinks she’s on vacation. Her portrait looks like a Sim that’s in another country, kinda blued-out?  So Lucy just quietly faded into the background. Its funny because she’s STILL a teenager even though her siblings’ children are now old.

The Objectives – Business

A lot of people find the business aspect boring. Not me. I found it a nice relaxing way of telling the story without having to stage a whole lot. I wound up just writing what I wanted to happen at their office. It provided a nice setting for some drama. Thomas actually made it to CEO a lot earlier than I documented. I just wanted to wait so it felt like more of an achievement. The only one I had trouble with was marrying a co-worker. I had really planned on doing that, but then Hannah just…was Hannah. So that idea was scrapped, but I’m happy with the results now.

The Building

For this Generation, the family bought out the business offices and renamed them The Thomas Mason Memorial Towers

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