PG-13 Cut of Kennedy, Chapter 11

While this chapter is PG-13. It is still dark!I was living on the outskirts of society. Every night, I could hear my master calling me. He was screaming to me, demanding that I return. I couldn’t understand why resisting Claude’s commands had been so effortless and yet resisting Marcus was physically painful. Being caught in the traces of sunlight had been less painful than Marcus’ screams. Yet, I could resist. How?

Most vampires cannot resist their creators. It is a lifelong bind, like mother to child. It cannot be scrubbed away or washed away. It was always there, no matter what. Marcus was my reason for being in this world – a fact that I never forgot or forgave – so I felt permanently attached to him. I had long heard rumors of other vampires on the fringes…but I had yet to see one. It was probably just as well. How would you know who was a free vampire and who was one of Claude’s puppets?

I didn’t live in one spot for very long. I became a squatter, mostly. I lived by exerting my will on to humans. I can soothe or frighten with just my eyes, combine that with a silken tongue and I rarely had anything to worry about. I found myself growing resentful of humans. Bastards got to live while I had died. Yes, I am technically dead. I have no pulse, no air in my lungs. I am an unholy creature of nightmare. I made sure to exert that thought on to the fragile human psyche.

How dare they get to live while I don’t?

I took out my anger and my frustration on them. I killed all of my meals. There was nothing in the world more exhilarating than pouncing on a human and drinking them dry.

Hunting was my real only pleasure in life. Of course, I did what any vampire does. I spent a lot of time working on my skills and hobbies. I mastered chess, mechanics, cooking, gardening and most instruments I could get my hands on. I was charismatic to a ‘T’ and kept my body in tip-top shape. Naturally, I was going crazy. I lived for the hunt and I threw everything of myself into it. It was my lifeline to the world, the only time I ever came into contact with anyone.

One evening, I can’t even say how many evenings later, I found myself in the less affluent hills of Bridgeport…I wouldn’t dare venture close to Claude’s domain. I wasn’t about to start a war with him…one which would assuredly lead to my final death. I was in one of the cheaper parts of what is technically Bridgeport, though not the downtown area. It had become a favorite hunting ground of mine. It was filled with vagrants, the kinds who wouldn’t be missed. I didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to myself. Not because of the human police, but because of Claude and Marcus. I shuddered to think what they would do to me if they knew I was hunting out here. A smart person would have left the area entirely, but I wanted to stay near my daughter.

Anyway, I was hunting in the area when I smelled the most delicious blue blood. His higher-class aroma spilled from him. It was intoxicating…it was marvelous. No doubt her had been out here to visit his dealer. He was the kind who would be missed. Too bad…he just smelled too good to pass up. I licked my lips and raised my skirt a little higher on my waist. I adjusted my breasts and brushed a lock of hair behind my head. Time to find out if he was as much a gentleman as he smelled.

I stepped out of the shadows and startled him. He cried out in horror and reached for something in his pocket.

“Don’t hurt me, please,” I whispered, “I’m so very lost out here. I’ll do anything, please help me.”

“Oh well…” he started. A sly grin broke out on to his face as he continued, “I think we can help each other out.”

I crept closer to him, my hips swaying with every step. I bit my lip and looked at him through half-lidded eyes. I pulled him in with my gaze and hummed the little soothing lullaby I used to hum to my daughter. Maybe it was part of being a vampire, or maybe it was a special trick of my own…but for some reason whenever I hummed that little song to my prey they would become very docile and compliant. As he drew closer and closer I was suddenly hit with the realization that I was not alone.

I stopped singing and jumped away from my prey. I growled and looked around me wildly.

“I know you’re there. Come out.”

A vampire stepped from the shadows, smirking. “Need help, ma’am?” he said sardonically. “I figured you could handle yourself with this one, but if you’d like me to assist…he does smell delicious.”

“Are you one of Claude’s? I won’t go back there. You can try to take me but you’ll be in for the fight of your life.”

He looked confused. “I don’t belong to anyone but myself, and I don’t know any ‘Claude.’ But if you don’t make a move soon, neither of us will be dining here this evening.” He nodded in the direction of the human, who had managed to figure out something more was going on than he’d first imagined. He’d run fairly far, but it only took me a second to catch up with him.

“Where are you going, handsome,” I laughed. “I thought we were going to have a bit of fun?” The man caught the glint in my eye and looked terrified. His fear made him smell even more delicious.

The other vampire casually strolled over. I studied him up and down. His cool demeanor, almost haughty expression…he was handsome, which made him dangerous. Still, he didn’t seem like much of a threat, if he wasn’t one of Claude’s slaves. I held the squirming man easily in one hand.

“I take it you and I are hunting the same prey; blue-blood being so rare in these parts and all. Can’t you smell him? He’s so mouthwatering and…hate to give up a pretty like him,” I smirked and faced him but as our eyes locked, it faded into a genuine smile, “hmm, wanna go halfsies?”

“Don’t mind if I do. After you….”

He trailed off and I lifted my gaze from the struggling prey.

“Kennedy, and you?”

“King. The pleasure is mine.”

I bowed my head to him before turning back to the prey. I drew him into my gaze and began to hum the soft, sweet song again. I reached across the gap and stroked his cheek with the back of my hand. I drifted around back of him and bent his head to one side. I sniffed along the edge of his skin. He was wearing Polo Black that combined with the heady scent of his fear made him smell amazing. With my eyes firmly on King’s, I opened my mouth and bared my fangs. I sunk my teeth deep into his flesh. The two little pops echoed through the night.

The blood began to flow immediately. My eyes fluttered closed as I drank from him. As the man’s heart began to slow I forced myself to stop. I pulled myself out of his throat and licked the dribbling wound. Blood had dribbled down my chin and on to my chest. I moaned a little as the rich man’s blood coursed through me. It was as delicious as anything I’d ever tasted. I gave the man a little push towards King. He grabbed the prey. I felt tingles travel down my body as his eyes met mine and he sank his teeth into the man. I licked my lips as I saw the blood flow again. My eyes were half-lidded as I bit my lip and felt my knees go a little weaker. Had I had a living heart, it would have been beating wildly. Blood and feeding always did this to me. It turned me on in such a way that nothing ever had before. Being no longer human had turned me into an animal.

I liked it.

I was drunk on the power and the depravity of the whole thing. Though I had just met this man, this other free vampire, I wanted nothing more than to tear his clothes off then and there and have my way with him. I could see it in his eyes, too. The animalistic nature of our kind; we wanted nothing more satisfaction and lust Sure, I was technically still married to Avery…but how long until I was legally declared dead? Then Avery would be free of me. It didn’t matter anymore, after all. “Till death do us part” and I had already died once.

The blue blood moaned and whimpered. His eyes went glassy and blank as I heard his heart stop beating. King dropped him and I saw him raise his head to the sky and lick his lips. I drew nearer to him and reached up to wipe a speck of blood off of his mouth. I ran my fingertip softly over the little droplet and picked it up. Slowly, I brought the finger back to my mouth and pointedly sucked the tiny drop of blood away. I could sense his arousal, as I was certain he could sense mine. My legs were quivering and had I had breath I was certain I would have been breathing hard.

“I didn’t find that quite…satisfying enough. How about you?”

“No,” he said, taking another step closer to me, “I can think of something else to satisfy my appetite.”

“Mmm,” I murmured, “follow me.”

I gave him a little wink before turning and sprinting away. I looked over my shoulder several times to see him keeping pace with me. It was thrilling, exhilarating to be out with another vampire. One who couldn’t control me, or seemed to have no desire to.

I took him back to my little haven. At least, it was my haven for the short period of time I planned on staying. I gestured for him to come and closed the door behind him once had entered. He turned to face me.

“Nice place.”

“Thank you, I do what I can. Drawing a lot of attention to myself would be suicide. I was not always a free vampire, you know? I spent a great deal of time under the thumb of others. Never again,” I said to no one in particular.

He looked around the room before his eyes settled back on me. We locked gazes and I could feel the heat and the flame between us again. I smiled mischievously as I turned to the fridge and pulled out a plastic bag. It was a blood pack I had pilfered from a hospital. It was clearly marked ‘O Positive’, my favorite vintage. I tossed the bag to King. He caught it and studied the label.

“Not as good as right out of the vein, but for what I have in mind…I thought it would do just fine.”

“What purpose were you thinking?”

I smiled and sauntered closer to him. I stopped in front of the little coffee table in front of him and put my foot on it. My skirt rode higher on my thighs and I knew he could see the tops of my stockings. I carefully unfastened the strap on my heel and ran my hands down the smooth fabric of my stockings. My hands went up to my thighs and ran along the band. Carefully and deliberately, I rolled the stocking down my leg before pulling it off and tossing it aside. I lowered my foot and brought up the other, repeating the same action. I stole a glance to him and saw that he was clutching the blood bag in a white-knuckled hand. His eyes were heavy and were watching my every move. I slipped my jacket off and pulled my shirt over my head so that I was standing in front of him in only my bra and a miniskirt.

I learned in really close to his face and softly pressed my lips against his as I pulled the blood bag from his hands. I straddled his lap and watched his eyes change ever so slightly. God, I wanted him. As I struggled to free my captive piece of him, I felt a sudden sharp pain race through my body.

I screamed and he let go of me like I was on fire. I doubled over in pain and fell from his lap.

“What?” he began.

“Marcus,” I snarled.

I rose from the floor and climbed back into his lap. He gave me a peculiar look.

“Are you…” he trailed off.

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it close to mine. I captured his lips in a deep, searing kiss. My tongue explored every nook of his mouth. He tasted like blood and something else…something that seemed to be undeniably him.

“Shut up.”

He lifted me from his lap and threw me against the couch. Over and over again we satisfied our lust for each other until we were too exhausted to continue.

* * *

After that night, the two of us became constant companions. We shared my little home. During the day, we slept together and when we weren’t satisfying our desires, we satisfied our dual third for knowledge. He was a fantastic hunting companion, with King by my side I found myself growing bolder every night. I went from hunting on the outskirts to hunting in the city. We’d snag a human each and drink until we both had our fill. After every kill, we’d go somewhere and have sex until we were both entirely satisfied. With as little as we both knew of each other, King became a great companion. Perhaps it was just nice to have someone around who understood at least part of the pain I felt.

We were in the city one night, hunting, when I spotted a young couple holding hands and walking along the street together. Occasionally, they’d stop and kiss each other and they always whispered their love. Their hearts were beating wildly, but not out of fear…out of love for each other.

It made me sick. I turned to King.

“Them. Make them suffer.”

“Why do you hate them so much?” he asked me, “they’re just a meal…no need to get all worked up over them.”

“Just a meal?” I scoffed, “you don’t remember being one of them? The thrill of being in love with someone else…the way your heart beats faster when you see them and you know that one person is all you need in your life…you don’t miss that? I hate all of them because they get that. They get to live. I never got a choice in the matter.”

I turned away from his scrutiny and watched the couple a moment longer. I missed Avery…so, so much. I hated to think to myself…but wouldn’t it just be easier after I knew he was dead?

“I don’t remember,” King said softly.

I turned to face him, “what? You don’t remember being human…being created into a vampire? Did you think you were just born one? We were all human once, even the old ones, though they don’t care to admit it.”

He looked away, his eyes clouded with thoughts. I watched the couple walk away from us. They’d never know the gift they were given tonight.

“Let’s go to the hills, where all the rich people live.”

I grabbed his arm and forced him to stop.

“Going there is suicide, you can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Claude du Mont lives there. He’s the master vampire of the city. He’ll have you killed just for daring to be here. You and I are free vampires…and we’re a threat to his power. He hates me enough as it is. Not to mention, my creator is there. He will bring me to my final death if he sees me again. Come, let’s just feed and be done with it, the sun is beginning to rise.”

He growled and slammed his fist into the side of the building. Pieces of brick went flying towards me. I swatted them away like they were annoying flies.

“I hate these damned weaknesses. No sunlight…avoid this and avoid that. Only eat this. I hate it.”

“Every predator has a weakness, King, imagine if a great white shark had legs and could breathe air. We’d all be doomed.”

I didn’t wait to see if the image had made him smile or not. My thoughts were elsewhere. I wasn’t satisfied with this life. I longed for my daughter and I found myself thinking of her nearly every hour of every day. I often wondered if this was how my sister felt after giving up her daughter. No, Kennedy! No regrets. Regrets and hopes and longing only got you killed in this world.

I turned and ran towards the park, not looking to see if King was following me. I needed my fill and I needed it fast. I found a man sitting in the park, he was reading a newspaper under a streetlight and was completely clueless to the world around him. It was easy pickings. I grabbed him and the newspaper fluttered to the ground. I sank my teeth into him and drank heartily. As the delicious, hot blood slid down my throat I glanced down at the newspaper.

Search for Missing Woman Resumes After Chance Sighting

King came up behind me a few moments later and I passed the man off to him. I knelt down by the paper and picked it up.

The search for Kennedy Honor, the daughter of Former President Nines Mason resumed today after a four-year hiatus. Jimmy Smitz, the father of Honor’s daughter, claims he saw the young woman just outside his window.

“I saw her standing in the window, just watching us. She looked so different…but I knew it was her. It couldn’t have been anyone else,” Smitz said.

Kennedy Honor went missing from her home six years ago. Her father made pleas on national television for her safe return and swore had she been kidnapped, he would pay any ransom demands in order to get her back. Honor’s sister, hero fire fighter Madison Mason also joined the effort to find Honor. Mason used popular social networking websites to attempt to find her sister, urging people all over the world to look for her missing sister.

Oh my god. That was me…my family came together and tried to find me. Jimmy had seen me that night in the window. I had given him false hope. I hope I could forgive myself for that one day. All I could hope was that he had not given my daughter hope that her mother had finally come back for her. Tears had begun to fall from my eyes and down my cheeks. They dripped on to the newspaper I was holding in my hands. I heard the soft thump of a body and I felt King’s hand on my shoulder. I rose and whirled around.

He looked horrified as he saw my tear stained face. Our relationship, if you could even call it that, didn’t ever come close to this level of intimacy, despite the fact that we were having sex at every opportunity. I launched myself at him and buried my head into his shoulder. I sobbed openly, with the weight of every ounce of my old life hitting me all at once. I felt his hand pat my back awkwardly. I could still smell the blood on his skin and in the air. That, mingled with the scent that was undeniably King…I felt much better. I know he hated me using him as a handkerchief. His hand had slowly traveled down my back. He went from awkwardly patting me to his hand sliding across my body. It went down, and down and I realized I had stopped crying. I was now pressing myself into his body. I lifted my face from his shoulder and brought it to his ear. I licked his earlobe as his hand grabbed my backside. His hand was under my skirt and cupping my backside.

“The sun is coming,” I whispered.

He growled, but ran with me around his waist back to our haven. He threw me on to the bed and pulled my clothes from my body and together, we sated another craving.

* * *

How many nights had King and I been together at this point? I wasn’t sure. Time passes so differently for us. Ever since that night with the newspaper, I had been unable to pull the window from my mind. So one night I went out alone and found myself at the window again.

My daughter was there, looking older, but still a child. She was smiling and playing with Avery. I pressed my hand against the cool glass and smiled. I was so completely lost in my own trance that I didn’t notice that King had joined me.

“Mm looks delicious. Good choice, Kennedy…come, I’ll even let you have the child.”

I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Surprise fell over his face while I growled and gripped his arm tightly.


He wrenched his arm out of my grasp and look from the window and back to my deadly serious face.

“Why not? They’re just food. Think of the girl like…veal.”

“They are not food. Not to you and not to me. That is my husband and daughter in there, King.”

“So? You’re not a human anymore. You get to live forever and have these gifts…why protect them?”

“I love them, King. Even now I wish I were human. Though I know that creatures like you and I exist in the night…I still would give up everything to be with them. If you try to hurt them, I swear on my life I will fight you. I will fight you until my final death.”

He raised his eyebrow at me but made no further move. He was confused, I could tell. Despite my companionship with him, I knew this was the end of it. I wouldn’t see him again after this night. Not after confessing that I wish I was human again. We’d had some good times together, he and I, but it was no secret to either of us that there was no love between us. I was in love with another and he didn’t seem capable of it.

“Goodbye, Kennedy.”

“Goodbye, King. May you find what you’re searching for.”

“And you,” he said with a slight bow. I didn’t watch him run off. I turned back towards my family and watched them again.

I didn’t know how much time had passed when I felt the presence of a vampire behind me. I can’t explain why, but this presence gave me tremors and sent fear into my dead heart.

“Hello, Kennedy.”

That voice. Oh god…that voice. I turned around slowly and faced my maker.

“Marcus…I see you’ve found me at last.”


So, now…as you can see…Styx and I managed to fit in just one last collab before the end of RSGNM. (*sniffle*)It worked out this way by pure happenstance and I am so happy that it did.

The fact that I have been able to be apart of her story a few times has really touched my heart. She has been such a best friend to me, and is truly my sister from another mister. I love you to pieces, Cait and I wish you the best of luck with your next project which I know will be amazing. Ilu! ❤

So, go and make sure that you read Gus’, or should I say King’s side of the story. 😉

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