Outtakes – Generation Four

Legs just aren’t supposed to bend that way…

So right in the middle of Conrad and River’s first kiss. This dude in the background decides to croak. >.<

Sweet red shoes, Mr. Grim Reaper.

Will makes me giggle.

At Conrad and River’s first wedding people objects by dying. I think I had three or four deaths but only captured two.

Oh Xia.

Bradley is not about to let these book nerds get in the way of his video game playing.

Will’s face is all the caption I need. Hahaha.

Not really an outtake, but I love this one because Will and Holden are making the exact same face. Its so adorable!

This sexy man is Richard Handel. As in Lois’s boyfriend! Haha.

1 thought on “Outtakes – Generation Four”

  1. happydaizy said:

    those were grims street clothes..

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